(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
clarify, clear up, explain, make plain.

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  • demystify — 1963; see DE (Cf. de ) + MYSTIFY (Cf. mystify). Related: Demystified; demystifying …   Etymology dictionary

  • demystify — ► VERB (demystifies, demystified) ▪ make (a subject) less difficult to understand. DERIVATIVES demystification noun …   English terms dictionary

  • demystify — [dē mis′tə fī΄] vt. demystified, demystifying to remove the mystery or mystique from; make rational or comprehensible; clarify demystification n …   English World dictionary

  • demystify — [[t]di͟ːmɪ̱stɪfaɪ[/t]] demystifies, demystifying, demystified VERB If you demystify something, you make it easier to understand by giving a clear explanation of it. [V n] To enter the consumer market, it was necessary to demystify the computer …   English dictionary

  • demystify — UK [diːˈmɪstɪfaɪ] / US [dɪˈmɪstɪˌfaɪ] verb [transitive] Word forms demystify : present tense I/you/we/they demystify he/she/it demystifies present participle demystifying past tense demystified past participle demystified to make something that… …   English dictionary

  • demystify — demystification, n. demystifier, n. /dee mis teuh fuy /, v.t., demystified, demystifying. to rid of mystery or obscurity; clarify: to demystify medical procedures. [1960 65; DE + MYSTIFY] * * * …   Universalium

  • demystify — verb To remove the mystery from something; to explain or clarify. The article was written to demystify the mechanics of the internal combustion engine …   Wiktionary

  • demystify — de|mys|ti|fy [ˌdi:ˈmıstıfaı] v past tense and past participle demystified present participle demystifying third person singular demystifies [T] to make a subject that seems difficult or complicated easier to understand, especially by explaining… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • demystify — verb (T) to make a subject that seems difficult or complicated easier to understand, especially by explaining it in simpler language: This book attempts to demystify the whole subject of computers. demystification /di: mIstifi keISFn/ noun (U) …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • demystify — /diˈmɪstəfaɪ/ (say dee mistuhfuy) verb (t) (demystified, demystifying) to remove the aura of mystery or strangeness from: pledged to demystify the political system. –demystification /diˌmɪstəfəˈkeɪʃən/ (say dee.mistuhfuh kayshuhn), noun …  

  • demystify — transitive verb Date: 1963 to eliminate the mystifying features of • demystification noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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